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Written Declarations

European Chamber

A Written Declaration in the European Parliament is similar to an Early Day Motion in the House of Commons or a Statement of Opinion in the National Assembly for Wales.

It is a tool for MEPs to launch or re-launch the debate on a matter falling within the European Union’s scope of activities.  It consists of a text of less than 200 words which is a policy statement put before the Parliament for signature.  If other MEPs agree with the statement, they can sign up. 

For a Written Declaration to become the official position of the Parliament, more than half of all MEPs (currently 393) have to sign.  Normally a Declaration will attract less than the required number of signatories and lapse within three months.  However, it is a very useful way to raise the profile of an issue within the Parliament, the public and the media.

Derek has signed up to the recent Written Declarations listed below: 


Voluntary System of labelling in Braille format on the packaging of industrial products


Establishing European statutes for mutual societies, associations and foundations


Heavy goods vehicle collisions


Increased co-ordination of cancer research in the European Union


Camp Ashraf


Strengthening the European Union ban on shark finning


Fighting colorectal cancerin the European Union

Transportation of horses for slaughter in the European Union

UNITAID HIV patent pool

Protection of social rights when fighting against the economic crisis

Fight against breast cancer in the European Union

Establishing a European Year of Combating Violence Against Women

Setting up a European early warning system for paedophiles and sex offenders

EU Homelessness Strategy

Increased European Union support for grassroots sport



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