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Welsh Labour MEP calls for EU budget restraint

Labour MEPs are renewing their call for an EU budget freeze on the day that the European Commission announced plans for a 6.8 per cent increase in the EU's budget for 2013.

Speaking after the announcement, Welsh Labour MEP, DEREK VAUGHAN, Labour spokesperson on the EU budget said:   

"We have made a real terms cut in the European Parliament's budget for 2013. It's now time for other EU Institutions and the Commission to play their part in finding budget savings. In these challenging economic times, EU Institutions need to show budgetary self-restraint and work out where savings can be made".

Negotiations on the 2013 budget will now begin. The budget must be agreed by Member States and the European Parliament by the end of the year.

"Labour believes the Commission should be able to keep its spending for next year to a below-inflation increase. We need to promote spending on jobs and growth and make savings in other areas," he added.

"However, the UK coalition government has agreed to the commitments which make up a large part of this budget. If Member States want cuts in the budget they will need to explain to citizens why EU funded projects are being scrapped."

Last month, Derek Vaughan managed to secure a less than inflationary budget increase for the European Parliament and on top of that, he persuaded his colleagues to agree to an independent study of the European Parliament's budget to identify further savings later this year.

Derek Vaughan won his victory after he persuaded colleagues to agree to savings on staff and MEP travel, and a freeze on all MEP allowances until the end of the current legislature in 2014.  Derek was even able to get an agreement on a clause calling on European governments to review the European Parliament's wasteful and carbon-costly monthly trek to Strasbourg.

- Wednesday, 25 April 2012 -

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