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Mobile internet charges curbed in EU from today

PhoneNew rules which will reduce the cost for Welsh consumers using their mobile phone to connect to the internet, when in another EU country, come into force today (1 July 2010).

The moves have been welcomed by Welsh Labour MEP, DEREK VAUGHAN, who said:


“As many local people will be taking their summer holidays soon, these new rules come at a convenient time.”


“Following concerted action by MEPs, mobile phone companies have now had to slash prices to give a fairer deal for customers when it comes to calling, texting and data roaming.  Costs have now been reduced for Welsh mobile phone users by 73% on average over the last 5 years.”


“Welsh consumers can now relax when in Europe, either working or on holiday, safe in the knowledge that when they return home, they will not be met by an unexpectedly huge bill waiting for them on the doormat.”


  • From today, operators will be forced to impose a monthly default cut-off limit of 50 euros (£41.50).  Users can also select a different cut-off limit if they wish or opt out of the safeguard entirely.


  • Operators will now be obliged to send customers a warning when they reach 80% of their data roaming bill limit.


  • Prices for mobile roaming calls will be cut further to a maximum cost of 32p per minute for calls made and 12.5p per minute for calls received.


  • Receiving a voice mail message while roaming will become free of charge.


- Thursday, 01 July 2010 -

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