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Local MEP signs youth jobs charter

TUC Charter


"I'm very proud to sign the TUC's Charter for a Future That Works," said DEREK VAUGHAN, Euro-MP for Wales.

"If the UK government doesn't do something urgently to stop youth unemployment from spreading, then generations of young people here in Wales may face a dismal future." he added.

Speaking from his constituency office, Mr Vaughan commented:

"Labour MEPs launched a campaign at the Labour Party Conference, we followed it up with an alternative EU summit at the beginning of this month where our Leader Ed Miliband and our political allies from across the EU met unemployed youth and projects to create work, and now we're signing the TUC's youth unemployment Charter. "

The Charter's demands include a call for guaranteed paid work or training after a period of unemployment, a requirement on all public bodies to commit to recruiting a set number of apprentices each year, and good quality work experience that includes a guarantee of both quality training and a job interview at the end for Britain's youth.”

"The coalition's austerity-only course has failed, one million young people are already jobless. Aside from a few token gestures we see no change of course, no new ideas, and no leadership.”

"We need action now where our employers, unions, councils and the national government get together in our region to make sure that there is a future worth looking forward to for young people," he said.

- Thursday, 13 December 2012 -

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