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How can Derek help?

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MEPs can help with a wide range of issues that you might face whilst on holiday or working in Europe or if your business trades with our European partners. MEPs cannot take up issues that are governed by national legislation – these are usually dealt with by your local councillor, MP or AM. 


Derek is always keen to engage with as many communities and organisations in Wales and regularly speaks with and meets groups from across the country to discuss European matters. He is often contacted by constituents seeking help and advice on a particular problem and he tries to help as many people as possible. However, in some cases there are other elected representatives and organisations that are better placed to assist. Often he'll be able to point you in the right direction.


Information on living, working and studying in another EU country can be found here. 


Is your case governed by EU law?


The EU is only able to act on policy areas where it has previously been agreed it can do so by Treaties signed by Member States.  For example, whilst the mutual recognition of educational qualifications is an EU matter, the provision of schools, colleges etc is a matter for the Member State.  For more advice, on whether your case comes within the responsibilities of the EU, your MEP or their staff will be able to tell you. 


If your case is not covered by EU law, what do you do next?


Depending on the nature of the issue, you local councillor, MP or AM should be able to advise you.  Their contact details can be found on this website by typing in your postcode.  You may also wish to try your local Citizens Advice Bureau or Law Centre.  Other organisations that might be able to help could include your Trade Union or professional body.  Failing these options, you may need to consult a solicitor. 


Help and advice on EU issues


A good source of general information is Europe Direct.  You can also call a free phone number from anywhere in the EU – 00800 778 91011.  The Europe Direct website provides links to more specialist advice services. 

Information for citizens


Information for business 

Citizens Signpost Service


Aire Centre 

Euro Consumer Centre


UK European Consumer Centre 


Have you tried these suggestions and still have a problem?


Contact Derek Vaughan MEP  

4th Floor

Transport House

1 Cathedral Road


CF11 9SD


Tel: 029 20 227 660 






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