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Cardiff International Airport key to a successful Welsh economy

Derek Vaughan MEP

Welsh Labour MEP, Derek Vaughan, has called for closer working between the Welsh Assembly and UK Governments and their EU counterparts to safeguard and strengthen the future of Cardiff International Airport.


Mr Vaughan will visit the airport this week (Friday, 27 August) for meetings with airport executives to discuss ongoing developments at the Rhoose site and the combined impacts of the economic downturn and the recent volcanic ash disruption on the aviation industry in Wales.


He said:


Wales needs a first class transport infrastructure if our economy is to prosper and compete in the global marketplace.” 


“It is vitally important that we have the necessary capacity to support growth in direct flights to other countries, especially those who are fast becoming major players in world business and commerce.  Having a successful international airport is key to having a successful Welsh economy.”


“Central to attracting investment into Wales in the future will be the development of relationships that bring new, more sustainable carriers and routes to Cardiff that link Wales to the rest of Europe and beyond.”


Mr Vaughan said that politicians at domestic and international levels all had a role to play in making Cardiff International Airport an airport that continued to help businesses trade with overseas partners whilst also benefitting tourists coming to Wales and Welsh people travelling abroad.


He added:


“Having a strong and competitive airport in Wales is good for Welsh business, good for tourism and good for Welsh passengers travelling abroad on holiday.”


“It is crucial that visitors have easy, convenient access to the great benefits that our country has to offer and can get here directly and efficiently from their starting points.  First impressions count and that is why the airport and the different companies that contribute to its operations need help and support at such a difficult economic time.”


“I look forward to hearing from airport officials about their ideas on the way ahead.”




-Wednesday, 25 August 2010-



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